Through its strategic partnerships, AQUAS is able to offer outstanding knowledge management solutions that have generated substantial return on investment for major government agencies and private corporations throughout the world.

Our customized knowledge management portals include:

  • Information pulled from diverse sources including the user’s hard drive, the organization’s network, the Internet and even paid information services, and presented to each employee in a configurable, customized format according to his or her job function and security level.
  • The ability to handle over 200 different file formats including MS Office, multimedia, HTML, XML, PDF and Lotus Notes.
  • Find subject expert function.
  • Automatic notification when content changes.

Benefits to your company

  • Reduced research time and costs.
  • Enhanced ability to quickly react to news and developments.
  • Greatly enhanced employee ability to access the expertise in people’s heads.
  • Increased collaboration and exchange of ideas.
  • Elimination of costly, redundant efforts; employees can quickly locate needed documents.
  • Transformation of an organization’s intangible, tacit knowledge into a real asset that can be put to work to save time, reduce costs, and aide in collaborative efforts.