Since our incorporation in 1990, AQUAS has compiled an excellent record of delivering high quality services and results to both government and corporate clients. This record of accomplishment has been verified by an independent Dun & Bradstreet customer satisfaction audit.

Dun & Bradstreet independent customer satisfaction audit

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Customer Testimonial: U.S. Small Business Administration

Diann G. Baker, EDMIS Project Manager
U.S. Small Business Administration

“With our scurried professional days, we often neglect to accentuate the positive, human side of work. Please allow me to take this moment to let you know how much the EDMIS Pilot Project benefited from [AQUAS]’s commitment to excellence.

EDMIS has evolved and is now almost entirely different from the original proposal. [AQUAS team member] Suellen has written, re-written, and reproduced the screens for the ever-changing system, resulting in an outstanding EDMIS Training Guide which was distributed to our participants for use during the pilot period. Many of the participants have even read the guide, providing complimentary feedback.

As project manager of EDMIS, a multi-faceted, dynamic project, I appreciate the opportunity to work with a team, composed of such pros.”

Customer Testimonial: U.S. Department of Defense

Dolores H. Melendy, CMIS/CAPOC Project Officer
Defense Medical Information Management
US Department of Defense

“AQUAS supported the CMIS/CAPOC Program under my direction from Dec. 1998 through June 1999. I would like to commend them for all their hard work and the timely manner in which they provided whatever was needed.

AQUAS provided timely assistance in many aspects of the project. responding to data calls, coordinating requirements from the three Services, evaluating Year 2000 compliance impacts, preparing briefings and reports, and providing technology advice and guidance to the project.

AQUAS, Inc.’s support is vital to this project because of the company’s expertise with cardiology diagnostic equipment digitized output, specifically ECG waveform data, and their knowledge of overall military cardiology technical requirements. I was more than satisfied with their support… They were responsive, insightful and committed to the project.”